Effect of vitamin B12 supplementation on glycemic control in poorly controlled hyperhomocysteinemic type 2 diabetic patients

  title={Effect of vitamin B12 supplementation on glycemic control in poorly controlled hyperhomocysteinemic type 2 diabetic patients},
  author={Yogendra Keche and Radha Yegnanarayan and Shreepad M Bhat},
  journal={Bangladesh Journal of Pharmacology},
This study was conducted to observe the effect of vitamin B 12 supplementation on glycemic control in poorly controlled hyperhomocysteinemic type 2 diabetic patients by measuring HbA1c levels at baseline and 4 weeks. Patient having serum homocysteine more than 15 µmol/L or vitamin B 12 less than 223 pg/mL were enrolled in this study. One group received methylcobalamin 500 µg daily with their usual anti-diabetic therapy and the other group received only suitable anti-diabetic drug therapy… 
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Healthcare strategies that consider the impact of laboratory tests on the overall costs and quality of care should consider the advantages of including methylmalonic acid and homocysteine in the early evaluation of patients with suspected deficiencies of vitamin B(12) and folate.
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