Effect of vermicompost tea on yield and nitrate reductase enzyme activity in saladette tomato

  title={Effect of vermicompost tea on yield and nitrate reductase enzyme activity in saladette tomato},
  author={C{\'e}sar M{\'a}rquez-Quiroz and Sayani Teresa L{\'o}pez-Espinosa and Esteban S{\'a}nchez-Ch{\'a}vez and Monica L. Garc{\'i}a-Ba{\~n}uelos and Efra{\'i}n de la Cruz-L{\'a}zaro and Jos{\'e} Luis Reyes-Carrillo},
  journal={Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition},
In conventional agriculture, heavy doses of chemical fertilizers and pesticides are often used to improve the yield of various horticultural crops. These chemical fertilizers and pesticides cause health problems among consumers. Due to the adverse effects of chemical fertilizers, there is interest in the use of organic fertilizers. It has long been recognized that the rate-limiting step for nitrogen assimilation, the reduction of NO 3 to NO 2 catalyzed by nitrate reductase (NR), is highly… 

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