Effect of venlafaxine on imipramine metabolism.

  title={Effect of venlafaxine on imipramine metabolism.},
  author={Lawrence James Albers and Christopher Reist and Rob Farraher Ken Pickering Lim Vu and Kazuma Fujimoto and Vurnal Ozdemir and Daiga M. Helmeste and Ronald L Poland and Siu Wah Tang},
  journal={Psychiatry research},
  volume={96 3},
The present study was designed to determine the effect of venlafaxine on imipramine metabolism in an attempt to elucidate the potential for cytochrome P450 drug-drug interactions with venlafaxine. We examined the metabolism of a single 100-mg dose of imipramine before and after treatment with venlafaxine, 50 mg three times a day. Eight male subjects were phenotyped for CYP2D6 activity. Two subjects were poor metabolizers of dextromethophan, and data from the remaining six subjects (mean age=45… CONTINUE READING

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