Effect of vanadate on myocardial force of contraction

  title={Effect of vanadate on myocardial force of contraction},
  author={Prof. Dr. H. Scholz and Ingelore Hackbarth and W. Schmitz and Eberhard Wetzel},
  journal={Basic Research in Cardiology},
Ammonium vanadate (NH4VO3; 50–1000 μM) increased the force of contraction of isolated electrically driven cat papillary muscles in a concentration-dependent manner. The positive inotropic effect (PIE) of NH4VO3 became significant at 50 μM and was maximal at 500 to 1000 μM. It was accompanied by an increase in the rate of force development, in the rate of relaxation and in relaxation time of the isometric contraction. Similar results as with NH4VO3 were obtained with NaVO3 and with Na3VO4. The… CONTINUE READING