Effect of valproate on free plasma phenytoin concentrations.

  title={Effect of valproate on free plasma phenytoin concentrations.},
  author={Lolita M Tsanaclis and Jane Allen and Emilio Perucca and Philip A Routledge and Alan Richens},
  journal={British journal of clinical pharmacology},
  volume={18 1},
The plasma protein binding of phenytoin was studied in nine epileptic patients before and during addition of sodium valproate to the drug therapy. The free phenytoin fraction in plasma was significantly greater during sodium valproate treatment. The mean free fraction rose from 0.135 +/- 0.019 (s.d.) to 0.182 +/- 0.030. Total plasma phenytoin concentration fell significantly from a range of 4.3-26.2 micrograms/ml to 3.4-19.8 micrograms/ml during sodium valproate treatment. Neither the free… CONTINUE READING