Effect of valproate dose on formation of hepatotoxic metabolites.

  title={Effect of valproate dose on formation of hepatotoxic metabolites.},
  author={Gail D. Anderson and Andrew A Acheampong and Alan J. Wilensky and Ren{\'e} H. Levy},
  volume={33 4},
Valproate (VPA) therapy has been associated with a rare but fatal hepatotoxicity. 4-ene-VPA and 2(E),4-diene-VPA, unsaturated metabolites of VPA, are hepatotoxins several times more potent than VPA. In a previous study, a dose-dependent excretion of hepatotoxic metabolites was noted in patients receiving VPA. Our study was designed to evaluate the effect of dose on VPA metabolism under controlled conditions. Nineteen healthy volunteers sequentially received three different daily doses of VPA… CONTINUE READING

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