Effect of validamycins on glycohydrolases of Rhizoctonia solani.

  title={Effect of validamycins on glycohydrolases of Rhizoctonia solani.},
  author={Naoki Asano and Takashi Yamaguchi and Yukihiko Kameda and Kazuki Matsui},
  journal={The Journal of antibiotics},
  volume={40 4},
The pseudo-oligosaccharides, validamycins, showed potent inhibitory activity against trehalase of Rhizoctonia solani while no significant inhibition was exhibited against cellulase, pectinase, chitinase, alpha-amylase, alpha- and beta-glucosidases. In particular, validoxylamine A strongly inhibited trehalase in a competitive manner with a Ki value of 1.9 X 10(-9) M. The uptake of the antibiotic into the cell and the amount of the intracellular trehalose were investigated by incubating the… CONTINUE READING