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Effect of two diets on the growth of the Helix aspersa Müller during the juvenile stage

  title={Effect of two diets on the growth of the Helix aspersa M{\"u}ller during the juvenile stage},
  author={Ant{\'o}n Garc{\'i}a and J. Perea and Rosario Mart{\'i}n and R. Acero and A. Mayoral and F. Pe{\~n}a and M. Luque},
We have been studied the effect of two diets one the growth of the Helix aspersa Muller during the juvenile stage under laboratory conditions. Diet I consists of commercial layer’s mash. We used ten lots of forty animals of 0.34 + 0.05 g, assigning five to each diet and keep them during the 6 first weeks of life in the laboratory conditions described by Perea et al. (2003) and Garcia et al. (2004). The results show that the diet with forage (II) presents low growth rates (81 mg), high… Expand

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