Effect of total replacement of pork backfat with walnut on the nutritional profile of frankfurters.

  title={Effect of total replacement of pork backfat with walnut on the nutritional profile of frankfurters.},
  author={J Ayo and Jose A. Carballo and Jose Serrano and Bego{\~n}a Olmedilla-Alonso and Claudia Ruiz-Capillas and Francisco Jim{\'e}nez-Colmenero},
  journal={Meat science},
  volume={77 2},
The nutritional profile of a frankfurter with walnut (25%) (WF) was compared with that of low fat (6%) (LF) and normal fat (16%) (NF) sausages. LF frankfurters did not improve the fatty acid profile as compared with NF (p>0.05), or the indices of atherogenicity (IA) (0.50) or thrombogenicity (IT) (1.12), indicating that the reduction of animal fat produced no cardioprotective effect. However, frankfurter with walnut had a healthy polyunsaturated fatty acid profile, a lower ω-6/ω-3 ratio and… CONTINUE READING


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