Effect of the roll stud diameter on the capacity of a high-pressure grinding roll using the discrete element method

  title={Effect of the roll stud diameter on the capacity of a high-pressure grinding roll using the discrete element method},
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Investigation of Lateral Confinement, Roller Aspect Ratio and Wear Condition on HPGR Performance Using DEM-MBD-PRM Simulations
It has been known that the performance of high-pressure grinding rolls (HPGR) varies as a function of the method used to laterally confine the rolls, their diameter/length (aspect) ratio as well as
Evaluation of Effect of Feed Rate in a Hydraulic Gravity Separator for High-Quality Plastic Separation Using DEM-CFD Simulation
To recycle plastics in automobile shredder residue (ASR) is strongly required to reduce the amount of incineration. Using the slight difference in specific gravity of plastics made of different
Torque Analysis of a Gyratory Crusher with the Discrete Element Method
A novel polar representation of the radial forces is proposed that may help designers, engineers, and operators to recognize the distribution of force loads on the mantle in an easier and intuitive way.
Grain-Based DEM for Particle Bed Comminution
The authors show how a realistic microstructure can be implemented into a particle bed comminution simulation using grain-based models in DEM (GBM-DEM) and show that it is possible to reproduce the interfacial breakage observed in real experiments at the grain size level.
Low-Cost Approaches to Promote Performance of Comminution Circuit at Steel-Sirjan Iron Ore Complex
DOI:10.22044/jme.2021.11143.2094 The energy consumed by the comminution equipment accounts for the main part of the operating cost of the mineral processing plants. In order to conserve energy,


The wear pattern in high pressure grinding rolls
ABSTRACT The use of high pressure grinding rolls (HPGR) is growing in iron ore processing. Because of the high technology of this kind of crusher, optimum utilization requires a thorough
Influence of high-pressure grinding rolls on physical properties and impact breakage behavior of coarsely sized cement clinker
ABSTRACT High-pressure grinding rolls (HPGR) are widely used in cement clinker grinding prior to ball milling. The efficiency of HPGR was previously related to two capabilities: (a) efficient
Influence of type of lining in high-pressure grinding rolls on effectiveness of copper ore comminution
Comminution in a High-Pressure Grinding Rolls (HPGR) device is considered as one of the most efficient method to break particles, in terms of the energy utilization. Two main types of the rolls
Investigation of Roller Pressure and Shear Stress in the HPGR Using DEM
HPGRs have since introduced in the 1980s (Kellerwessel, 1993; Schonert, 1988), now become integral comminution units at several minerals processing plants around the world. Even though a lot of the