Effect of the reproductive state of female alpacas on embryonic mortality rate.

  title={Effect of the reproductive state of female alpacas on embryonic mortality rate.},
  author={P. Bravo and Daniel D{\'i}az and Virgilio Alarc{\'o}n and C{\'e}sar Ord{\'o}{\~n}ez},
  journal={American journal of veterinary research},
  volume={71 9},
OBJECTIVE To study the effect of the reproductive state of female alpacas (ie, maiden [never bred before], barren [bred but failed to conceive or maintain pregnancy in previous breeding season], or gave birth and currently lactating) on embryonic mortality rate. ANIMALS 167 female alpacas (54 lactating, 44 barren, and 69 maiden) that ovulated following a single breeding. PROCEDURES During the first 45 days following breeding, female alpacas underwent periodic transrectal ultrasonography to… CONTINUE READING

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