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Effect of the pesticide trichlorfon on the peripheral blood of the quail.

  title={Effect of the pesticide trichlorfon on the peripheral blood of the quail.},
  author={K. Gromysz-Kałkowska and E. Szubartowska and J. Sulikowska},
  journal={Folia biologica},
  volume={29 3-4},
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Evaluation of fenitrothion toxicity to Rana temporaria L.
Whether animals in which sexual activity is limited to a relatively short period of seasonal reproduction, show different reactions to the poison independent of sex, and whether animals with a low metabolic rate may be resistant to the toxic influence of fenitrothion. Expand
Stilbestrol as a factor modifying the toxicity of Ekatin for the Pharaoh quail (Coturnix coturnix Pharaoh). I. Young birds.
The high heterophilic leucocytosis in birds receiving stilbestrol is evidence that this hormone causes by an increased release of corticoids, hyperplasia of the granulopoietic tissue in the bone marrow and depresses the marrow barrier for heterophils. Expand
Haematological changes in male and female pharaoh quails (Coturnix coturnix Pharaoh) after Ekatin intoxication.
In males changes in the blood appeared far earlier than in females and they underwent compensation earlier, that is, 3 weeks after intoxication the majority of the haemotological parameters reached values similar to the control. Expand