Effect of the novel ionophore tetronasin (ICI 139603) on ruminal microorganisms.

  title={Effect of the novel ionophore tetronasin (ICI 139603) on ruminal microorganisms.},
  author={Charles James Newbold and Robert J. Wallace and N D Watt and Anthony J Richardson},
  journal={Applied and environmental microbiology},
  volume={54 2},
The antimicrobial activity of the novel ionophore tetronasin (formerly ICI 139603) was compared with that of monensin for the growth of ruminal bacteria, protozoa, and an anaerobic fungus. The potency of tetronasin toward most bacteria and the fungus was an order of magnitude or more greater than that of monensin. Lactobacillus casei was 55 times more sensitive to tetronasin than to monensin, indicating a potential role for tetronasin in reversing lactic acidosis. Bacteria with a gram-positive… CONTINUE READING
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