Effect of the air hammer on the hands of stonecutters. The limestone quarries of Bedford, Indiana, revisited.

  title={Effect of the air hammer on the hands of stonecutters. The limestone quarries of Bedford, Indiana, revisited.},
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In the limestone quarries of Indiana, USA, pneumatic percussive hammers replaced the mallet and hammer around 1900. By 1917 the air hammer was being used exclusively for periods of eight to ten hours a shift. In 1918 Alice Hamilton investigated an unusual "disease" in these stonecutters of Bedford, Indiana, who complained of "attacks of numbness and blanching of the fingers coming on suddenly under the influence of cold and then disappearing." The prevalence of vibration induced white finger… 

Development of a vibration-absorbing handle for rock drills

Vibration has long been recognized as a possible source of injury to the human body. Vibration-induced white finger was first recognized in the limestone quarries of Bedford, Indiana as early as

Prevalence of vibration-induced white finger and assessment of vibration exposure among travertine workers in Italy

Vibration data, daily exposure time and total duration of exposure period were used to calculate two indicators of vibration dose such as the four-hour, energy-equivalent, frequency-weighted acceleration (m/s2) and the vibration exposure level (dB).

Hand-arm vibration syndrome among travertine workers: a follow up study.

A tendency towards the irreversibility of sensorineural and VWF symptoms in a group of ex-stoneworkers with prolonged exposure to high vibration levels in the past argues for an urgent implementation of preventive measures in the stone industry.

Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome in a Group of U.S. Uranium Miners Exposed to Hand-Arm Vibration

Medical evaluations were conducted in New Mexico on 134 uranium mine workers to diagnose Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome from use of vibrating pneumatic hand tools, and the median latency of tingling, numbness, and blanching was the same, 4.5 years.

Human vibration levels in the South African mining industry

The research project reported on represents the first comprehensive attempt to measure the vibration levels of a variety of tools and equipment in the South African mining industry to determine the

Hand-arm vibration syndrome and dose-response relation for vibration induced white finger among quarry drillers and stonecarvers. Italian Study Group on Physical Hazards in the Stone Industry.

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The vibration exposure levels currently under discussion within the European Community seem to represent reasonable exposure limits for the protection of workers against the harmful effects of hand transmitted vibration.

Vibration syndrome in industry: dermatological viewpoint.

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Some of the salient features of vibration syndrome from the point of view of the dermatologist, since he may be the first health professional to see patients with this syndrome are reviewed, as well as risk factors, preventative measures, therapy, and occupational guidelines.

Symptoms of hand-arm vibration syndrome in gas distribution operatives.

It has been suggested that aspects of the gas distribution operative's work mitigate against the risk normally anticipated from use of pneumatic road breaking tools, but data suggest that symptoms of HAVS do occur, given sufficient exposure, a finding relevant not only to gas supply workers, but also to workers from other industries who break and repair road surfaces.

Vibration related symptoms and signs in quarry and foundry workers

The high prevalence of neurosensory findings among the quarry workers may depend on higher A(8) vibration exposure and higher exposure to high-frequency vibrations and an age-effect and exposure to cold could also be contributing factors.

Vibration Analysis of a Hand-Held Percussion Tool Coupled with the Hand-Arm System

Exposure to hand-transmitted vibration (HTV) arising from hand power tools has long been associated with several disorders of the hand and arm, which are collectively termed as hand-arm vibration



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