Effect of temperature on capacitive RF MEMS switch performance—a coupled-field analysis

  title={Effect of temperature on capacitive RF MEMS switch performance—a coupled-field analysis},
  author={Yong Zhu and Horacio Dante Espinosa},
  journal={Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering},
Three-dimensional multiphysics finite element analysis (FEA) was performed to investigate the reliability of RF MEMS switches at various operational temperatures. The investigated MEMS capacitive switch consists of a freestanding metal membrane actuated by a bottom electrode coated by a dielectric film. Coupled-field simulations between thermal, structural and electrostatic domains were performed. The simulations show that temperature significantly changes both the membrane stress state and out… Expand
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The performed analysis shows that by controlling the mean and gradient residual stresses, generated during microfabrication, in conjunction with the proposed mechanical approaches, the power handling capability of RF MEMS switches can be increased, at a wide range of operational frequencies. Expand
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Temperature accelerated discharging processes through the bulk of PECVD silicon nitride films for MEMS capacitive switches
The results indicate that the discharging process through the bulk of silicon nitride films is thermally activated and the corresponding value of the discharges current increases with temperature, due to the increase of the film conductivity. Expand
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Steady state thermal analysis and high-power reliability considerations of RF MEMS capacitive switches
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Thermal solutions for discrete and wafer-level RF MEMS switch packages
In discrete radio frequency (RF) microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) packages, MEMS devices were fabricated on silicon or gallium arsenide (GaAs) chips. The chips were then attached to substratesExpand
3-D Computational Modeling of RF MEMS Switches
Young's modulus and residual stress state of freestanding thin membranes are characterized in this work by means of wafer level experimental techniques. RF MEMS Switches manufactured by RaytheonExpand
Environmental test bench for reliability studies: influence of the temperature on rf switches with metallic membranes
  • X. Lafontan, C. Le Touze, +6 authors S. Rigo
  • Engineering, Materials Science
  • Symposium on Design, Test, Integration, and Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS
  • 2002
RF switches are believed to replace PIN diodes and MESFETs in numerous future RF applications. But most of the actual applications require high reliability and long lifetimes for their devices. AsExpand
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