Effect of tea on the formation of DNA adducts by azoxymethane.

  title={Effect of tea on the formation of DNA adducts by azoxymethane.},
  author={Wei Chen and Ock Soon Sohn and Emerich S. Fiala and John h. Weisburger},
  journal={Xenobiotica; the fate of foreign compounds in biological systems},
  volume={28 2},
1. The effect of black tea on the conversion of azoxymethane (AOM) to DNA reactive metabolites was studied in four groups of the male F344 rat. Each received 1.25% solutions of tea for 2 or 6 weeks, and simultaneous controls drank water. All rats were injected s.c. twice with 15 mg/kg AOM after the first or fifth week respectively, on tea or water, and again 1 week later. Groups were killed 6 h after the last dose, or 18 h later. The liver and colon were rapidly removed and rinsed with buffer… CONTINUE READING