Effect of tazolol on β‐adrenoceptors in isolated preparations of the guinea‐pig and rat

  title={Effect of tazolol on $\beta$‐adrenoceptors in isolated preparations of the guinea‐pig and rat},
  author={S. J. Clark and R. Poyser},
  journal={Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology},
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Studies on the cardiovascular actions of hydralazine.
The results suggest that the hypotensive effect of hydralazine in normotensive conscious rabbits are related to the endogenous PGS system and that hydralazines has a stimulating effect on the heart probably mediated by a modification of the adrenergic neurotransmission to the heart. Expand
1 Positive inotropic and chronotropic responses to guinea-pig isolated left and right atria respectively to the sympathomimetic amine orciprenaline were recorded. 2 Pretreatment of animals withExpand
Partial agonists at guinea-pig atrial β-adrenoceptors display relaxation responses in the guinea-pig ileum independent of β-adrenoceptor stimulation☆
Abstract 1. 1. The β-adrenoceptor mediated responses of oxyfedrine, ritodrine, tazolol, prenalterol, salbutamol and carteolol were examined on guinea-pig left and right atrial and ileal preparations.Expand
Enhancement of Amrinone‐induced Positive Inotropy in Rabbit Papillary Muscles with Depressed Contractile Function: Effects on Cyclic Nucleotide Levels and Phosphodiesterase Isoenzymes
The results show an involvement of cAMP in the mechanism underlying the positive inotropic action of amrinone in cardiac muscle with depressed contractile force and it is suggested that there may be an enhanced effectiveness ofcAMP on intracellular Ca2+ mobilization in depressed cardiac muscle. Expand
Irreversible β-adrenoceptor blockade of atrial rate and tension responses
Abstract The competitive reversible β-adrenoceptor antagonist activity of Ro 03-5255 [1-(acetylaminobenzfuran-2-yl)-2-isopropylaminoethanol] upon isoprenaline-induced increases of the rate andExpand
Chronotropic and inotropic actions of amrinone, carbazeran and isobutylmethyl xanthine: role of phosphodiesterase inhibition
The results indicate that amrinone possesses a similar rate/force selectivity to isoprenaline and IBMX, and that carbazeran exerts both positive inotropic and negative chronotropic effects. Expand
Evidence from use of neuronal uptake inhibition that β1‐adrenoceptors, but not β2‐adrenoceptors, are innervated
Pharmacologically the role of neuronal uptake in the removal of catecholamines in tissues with either plor p, p, or p,-adrenoceptors is determined by examining the effects of the neuronal uptake inhibitor desmethylimipramine (DMI) on the padrenoceptor-mediated responses of several tissues. Expand


The roles of presynaptic function and hepatic drug metabolism in the hypothermic actions of two novel dopaminergic agonists
This limited in vitro study has not shown the selectivity of tazolol to fll-adrenoceptors, but it has shown that the compound is a partial agonist, and act as an antagonist, at these receptors. Expand
The effect on the isolated rabbit heart of vagal stimulation and its modification by cocaine, hexamethonium and ouabain
  • L. Mcewen
  • Medicine, Chemistry
  • The Journal of physiology
  • 1956
The experiments to be described have been concerned with the effect of vagus stimulation in the isolated heart and auricles of the rabbit and the action of cocaine, of hexamethonium and of the cardiac glycoside ouabain was studied. Expand
A comparison of the adrenergic receptor blocking properties of 1-(4'-methylphenyl)-2-isopropylamino-propanol-HCl and propranolol.
  • B. Levy
  • Chemistry, Medicine
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  • 1967
H 35-25 appears to be capable of producing a selective blockade of vascular beta receptors in a dose range that has little blocking action on cardiac beta receptors. Expand
The adrenergic blocking activity of N-tert.-butylmethoxamine (butoxamine).
  • B. Levy
  • Chemistry, Medicine
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  • 1966
The effects of butoxamine upon a number of adrenergic responses were determined in the anesthetized dog and the isolated rat uterus, appearing to be capable of producing a selective blockade of some, but not all, beta adrenergic receptors. Expand
Differential blockade of guinea-pig atrial rate and force responses to (--)-noradrenaline by practolol - an uptake phenomenon.
Far from confirming the lack of receptor differentiation indicated by the pA2 determinations, this study revealed force to be more practolol sensitive and to resolve the question whether rate and force beta1-adrenoceptors differ. Expand
Selective adrenergic stimulant actions of 1-isopropylamino-3-(2-thiazoloxy)-2-propanol (ITP) in anesthetized cats.
ITP was found to produce a long lasting increase in the sinotrial heart rate are in myocardial contractile force in anesthetized cats and its spectrum of activity places it in the category of a selective beta-1 stimulant agent. Expand
Salbutamol: a new, selective β‐adrenoceptive receptor stimulant
1 Salbutamol is a β‐adrenoceptive receptor stimulant. Its pharmacological actions are reduced or abolished by β‐receptor antagonists. 2 In anaesthetized animals, salbutamol, given intravenously, wasExpand
Differentiation of Receptor Systems activated by Sympathomimetic Amines
Additional studies are reported which show that two distinct receptor types are at present included within this group of receptor types, and cannot be explained easily on the assumption that the β-type designates a single receptor population. Expand
A new preparation of the isolated intact trachea of the guinea‐pig
A preparation is described in which the guinea‐pig isolated intact trachea is subjected to repeated transmural electrical stimulation with alternating square wave pulses. The intraluminal pressure isExpand
Conduction of the Cardiac Impulse
The results prove that conduction delays great enough to permit re-entry can occur in short segments of Purkinje fibers subjected to high K+. Expand