Effect of tamoxifen on measurements of hemostasis in healthy women.

  title={Effect of tamoxifen on measurements of hemostasis in healthy women.},
  author={Pier Mannuccio Mannucci and Donato Bettega and Veena Chantarangkul and Armando Tripodi and Virgilio S. Sacchini and Umberto Veronesi},
  journal={Archives of internal medicine},
  volume={156 16},
BACKGROUND Tamoxifen citrate is being evaluated for primary prevention of breast cancer, but this drug with estrogen-like properties may cause changes in the hemostatic system that would increase the risk of thrombosis. METHODS Women who had undergone hysterectomy were consecutively enrolled in the placebo-controlled, randomized, double-blind Breast Carcinoma Chemoprevention Tamoxifen Study, which was designed to evaluate the efficacy of oral tamoxifen citrate (20 mg/d). Our substudy of… CONTINUE READING
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