Effect of sugammadex on bronchial smooth muscle function in rats.


Sugammadex can encapsulate the steroid-based neuromuscular blocker molecule and results in rapid reversal of neuromuscular blockade induced by rocuronium and vecuronium. However, several cases of bronchospasm after the administration of sugammadex have been reported. The current study was carried out to determine whether sugammadex directly affects smooth muscle function of the airways. The ring strips of left main bronchi were isolated from male Wistar rats and isometric forces were measured. In the isolated bronchial smooth muscle tissues, sugammadex (10⁻⁸-10⁻³ M) had no effect on baseline tension or the acetylcholine (ACh; 30 µM)-induced sustained contraction. Moreover, sugammadex did not affect bronchial smooth muscle responsiveness to ACh. These findings indicate that sugammadex itself does not affect contractile function in bronchial smooth muscle of the rat.

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