Effect of specificity on ligand conformation in acyl-chymotrypsins.

  title={Effect of specificity on ligand conformation in acyl-chymotrypsins.},
  author={Shivraj S. Johal and Andrew J P White and Christopher W Wharton},
  journal={The Biochemical journal},
  volume={297 ( Pt 2)},
I.r. difference spectroscopy combined with 13C and 18O double-isotope substitution was used to examine the ester acyl carbonyl stretching vibration of hydrocinnamoyl-chymotrypsin. A single acyl carbonyl stretching band was observed at 1731 cm-1. This contrasts with previous i.r. and resonance Raman spectroscopic studies of a number of trans-3-arylacryloyl… CONTINUE READING