Effect of somatostatin analog on postprandial satiation in obesity.

  title={Effect of somatostatin analog on postprandial satiation in obesity.},
  author={Filippo Cremonini and Michael Camilleri and Jonathan Gonenne and Debra A Stephens and Lavonne Oenning and Kari L. Baxter and Amy Foxx-Orenstein and Duane Burton},
  journal={Obesity research},
  volume={13 9},
OBJECTIVE Altered satiation may impact postprandial symptoms and potentially change food intake in obesity. Our aim was to compare effects of octreotide and placebo on postprandial symptoms, satiation, and gastric volumes in obesity. RESEARCH METHODS AND PROCEDURES In a randomized, parallel-group, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, 26 obese but otherwise healthy participants received 100 mug of octreotide or placebo subcutaneously 30 minutes before each study. Studies were performed on 2… CONTINUE READING