[Effect of short-term manganese chloride intoxicatuion on anxiety and fear of young rats].


Manganese is an essential trace element for all living organisms. Though some neurological dysfunction take place during intoxication caused by excessive exposure of this metal. The goal of this research was to elucidate the emotional state, in particular anxiety and fear in three groups of young male rats. Two groups of 30 day old rat pups were given drinking water with MnCl(2)·4H(2)O dissolved in, the doses were 1mg/ml (I group) and 10 mg/ml (II group), and the third group was control animals. Before starting and a day after of termination manganese consumption the animals were tested in the "open field" and "elevated-plus maze". In two month old rat pups compared to one month ones the elevation of anxiety was observed that led to increase of fear. 30 day intoxication of one month old rat pups with both doses of manganese (1 and 10 mg/ml) induces: strengthening of motor and orienting-explorative activity, decrease in the level of anxiety and fear. During the intoxication of animals with above mentioned doses of manganese chloride the dose-dependant effect is not observed.


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