Effect of shock timing on defibrillation success.

  title={Effect of shock timing on defibrillation success.},
  author={William W. Hsu and Y Lin and Jan E Heil and Janice L. Jones and Douglas J Lang},
  journal={Pacing and clinical electrophysiology : PACE},
  volume={20 1 Pt 2},
The goal of this study was to determine whether delivering transvenous defibrillation shocks, coordinated with the up/down-slope VF waveform patterns in the shocking lead, would improve the probability of successful defibrillation. Anesthetized swine (32-38 kg, n = 8) were implanted with an RV-->SVC + SQArray transvenous system to measure VF waveform patterns and to deliver shocks. The shocks were generated by a Cardiac Pacemakers Inc. biphasic waveform generator. Energy required for 50… CONTINUE READING
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