[Effect of shenfu injection on microcirculation].


This study was aimed to assess the effect of Shenfu injection on different circulation state. Using a microcirculation microscope system, we observed mice's auricle micro-artery diameter, density of capillary, blood velocity in different circulation state (i.e. normal state, epinephrine or endotoxin induced microcirculation disturbance state) after administering Shenfu injection into their caudal vein, and we compared the Shenfu group with Shenmai group and Dexamethasone group. The results showed that Shenfu injection causes the auricle microartery diameter to enlarge and the density of capillary and blood velocity to increase in different microcirculation state, and such effect is especially notable on the epinephrine induced microcirculation disturbance group and endotoxin induced microcirculation disturbance group; the effect of Shenfu injection is stronger than that of Shenmai injection and similar to Dexamethasone injection. In addition, Shenfu injection was shown to have remarkable effect on resisting the lowering of limb temperature when the mice are attacked by endotoxin.

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