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Effect of roughage processing and feeding level on production, reproduction, and growth performance of the Red Maradi goat.

  title={Effect of roughage processing and feeding level on production, reproduction, and growth performance of the Red Maradi goat.},
  author={Nourou. Abdou},
Doctor of Philosophy in Animal Science. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg 2016. 
Modelling of digesta passage rates in grazing and browsing domestic and wild ruminant herbivores
This study developed better prediction models for solid and liquid passage rates for ruminants fed on a variety of diets and/or feeds from different climatic regions.
Effects of diet quality and time lapse after meal termination on rumen load, rate of passage and feeding behaviour.
Factors that affect rates of passage of digesta and rumen digesta load are discussed, including environmental temperature, level of feed intake, body mass, ruminant species, digesta particle size and specific gravity, roughage quality, water intake, animal physiological status and reproductive state.


Comparative evaluation of milk secretion rate and milk composition of West African Dwarf and Red Sokoto Goats
A comparative study on milk composition and secretion rate of West African Dwarf (WAD) and Red Sokoto (RS) goats was carried out at Abeokuta, Nigeria. Samples of colostrums and milk were analyzed for
Roughage utilization in warm climates.
Roughage utilization in warm climates , Roughage utilization in warm climates , مرکز فناوری اطلاعات و اطلاع رسانی کشاورزی
Evaluation of the production characteristics of the Jamunapari goat and its adaptability to farm conditions in Bangladesh
Production of Jamunapari goats was comparable with that of the Bengal goats, whereas highest milk fat, lactose and solids not fat (SNF) were in the later stage of lactation, whereas protein and minerals were similar throughout the lactation.
Effects of concentrate supplementation on growth, reproduction and milk yield of Black Bengal goats (Capra hircus).
It is suggested to supplement 250g of concentrate daily to female goats in addition to ad libitum roughage in order to improve feed and protein  conversion efficiency.
Effects of supplementation of Panicum maximum with four herbaceous forage legumes on performance, nutrient digestibility and nitrogen balance in West African dwarf goats
It could be concluded that a diet consisting of Panicum maximum with Lablab purpureus supplementation gave the highest performance in weight gain, nitrogen digestibility and nitrogen utilization, however, any of the herbaceous legumes in this study would lead to increased productivity of ruminant livestock.
Influence of pre- and postpartum nutrition on growth of goat kids
Growth rates and milk production potential of Sahelian and Red Sokoto breeds of goats in northern Guinea Savannah.
The experiments demonstrated a linear increase in weight gains of Red Sokoto over the Sahelian and a slightly higher milk yield obtained from theSahelian providing the basis to conclude that the Sa Helian goat can adapted and fit into the production systems of Sudan Savannah rural farmers.
The effect of different supplements on birth weight and kid growth on Red Sokoto goats in Adamawa State, Nigeria
The result shows that the heaviest birth weight was recorded in treatment one (2.07kg) and the lowest birth weight in treatment three (1.25kg) at parturition, while growth rate, there was no significant difference between all the treatment groups.