Effect of rifampicin on the heterocyst pattern in Anabaena ARM 314.


Alteration in the pattern of heterocysts is observed when suspending ammonia-grown filaments of Anabaena ARM 314 in a medium devoid of combined nitrogen source but supplemented with rifampicin. Paired as well as strings of 3--9 heterocysts were noticed. The electrophoretic protein pattern of non-heterocystous, heterocystous and multiple heterocystous filaments revealed that multiple heterocystous filaments are characterized by the presence of two additional protein transients. It is speculated that rifampicin may lead to an alteration in the enzyme system involved in the synthesis of inhibitory substances or, alternatively, to the formation or activation of enzyme systems involved in the sequestering of inhibitory substances.

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@article{Grover1981EffectOR, title={Effect of rifampicin on the heterocyst pattern in Anabaena ARM 314.}, author={Iqbal Sing Grover and S Puri}, journal={Zeitschrift für allgemeine Mikrobiologie}, year={1981}, volume={21 4}, pages={281-8} }