Effect of rendering procedures on the scrapie agent.

  title={Effect of rendering procedures on the scrapie agent.},
  author={David McD Taylor and Stephen L Woodgate and Allison Fleetwood and R J Cawthorne},
  journal={The Veterinary record},
  volume={141 25},
A pool of scrapie-infected sheep brains was used to spike mixtures of porcine bone and intestine. These were processed in pilot-scale facsimiles of 12 rendering procedures that were in use within the European Union in 1991, and three that were not. Meat and bone meal, and tallow, were produced from the rendered tissues. Suspensions of all the meat and bone meal samples, and two of the tallow samples were assayed in mice for scrapie infectivity. Neither of the tallow samples had any detectable… CONTINUE READING

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