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Effect of red chilli powder on gastric mucosal barrier and acid secretion.

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Riot control agents

  • J. Pejchal
  • Medicine
    Handbook of Toxicology of Chemical Warfare Agents
  • 2020

Development of Spiced Instant ‘Moinmoin’ Produced from Precooked Cowpea Flour using Maize Starch as Binder

The cowpea flour samples were produced from de-hulled cowpea seeds and pre-cooked de-hulled cowpea seeds, and were spiced. The flour from the former was used as the control while the flour from the

Food-Based Therapeutics: A Converging Paradigm of Traditional and Modern Food Science

There is a need to explore food-based drug discovery based on Indian and Chinese traditional medicine from clinic to laboratory using a reverse pharmacology approach and selected examples based on previous studies are described.

The effect of using some natural growth promoters on growth performance and feed utilization of monosex Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus), fingerlings

Growth performance and feed conversion ratio were significantly improved for monosex tilapia fingerlings fed on diets with the aforementioned natural feed additives compared to fish fed on the control diet and feed cost required to produce 1kg weight gain was reduced by using the feed additives.

Biopotency role of culinary spices and herbs and their chemical constituents in health and commonly used spices in Nigerian dishes and snacks

This review paper summarizes the current scientific publications of researches concerning the potential health benefits of herbs and spices; it also highlights some commonly used spices in Nigerian


Riot control agents are highly potent sensory irritants of relatively low toxicity that produce dose and time-dependent acute site-specific toxicity and interaction with sensory nerve receptors resulting in localized discomfort or pain with associated reflexes.

Dietary spices in health and diseases (II).

  • K. Kochhar
  • Medicine
    Indian journal of physiology and pharmacology
  • 2008
This essay attempts to adjudicate the traditional use of dietary spices based on factual research evidence for their multivalent actions as health promoting dietary additives as well as putative therapeutic agents.