Effect of prolonged high-concentrate feeding on ruminal protozoa concentrations.

  title={Effect of prolonged high-concentrate feeding on ruminal protozoa concentrations.},
  author={R Franzolin and Burk A Dehority},
  journal={Journal of animal science},
  volume={74 11},
Five ruminally cannulated steers, with ad libitum access to feed, were gradually adapted from an all-forage diet to a 75% concentrate diet over a 6-wk period. Three animals were then randomly assigned to an all-concentrate diet (87% whole corn) and the other two were fed a 90% concentrate plus 10% forage diet. These diets were fed for 17 wk and then reversed between groups for 11 additional weeks. Over the last 22 wk, addition of 10% forage to the all-concentrate diet had no effect on the… CONTINUE READING

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