Effect of precipitation on strength and ductility in a Mg–Zn–Y alloy

  title={Effect of precipitation on strength and ductility in a Mg–Zn–Y alloy},
  author={Julian M. Rosalie and Hidetoshi Somekawa and Alok Kumar Singh and Toshiji Mukai},
  journal={Journal of Alloys and Compounds},
Abstract The effect of pre-ageing deformation on the size and distribution of β 1 ′ precipitates and subsequently on the resulting strength and ductility have been measured in a Mg-3.0at.%Zn-0.5at.%Y alloy. The alloy was extruded and then subjected to a T8 heat treatment comprised of a solution-treatment, cold-work and artificial ageing. Extrusion was used to introduce texture, ensuring that deformation occurred via slip rather than twinning. Samples were subjected to controlled uniaxial… 
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