Effect of polymer grafting density on silica nanoparticle toxicity.

  title={Effect of polymer grafting density on silica nanoparticle toxicity.},
  author={I-Chun Lin and Mingtao Liang and Tzu-Yu Liu and Zhongfan Jia and Michael J Monteiro and Istvan Toth},
  journal={Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry},
  volume={20 23},
Nanoparticles are commonly engineered with a layer of polymers on the surface used to increase their stability and biocompatibility, as well as providing multifunctional properties. Formulating the nanoparticle size and surface properties with polymers directly affects the way these nanoparticles interact with a biological system. Many previous studies have emphasized the importance of nanoparticle size and surface charge in affecting their toxicity in cells. However, the potential weakness in… CONTINUE READING