Effect of ploidy on stomatal and other quantitative traits in plantain and banana hybrids

  title={Effect of ploidy on stomatal and other quantitative traits in plantain and banana hybrids},
  author={Hilde Vandenhout and Rodomiro Ortiz and Dirk R. Vuylsteke and Rony Swennen and K. Vijaya Bai},
Ploidy polymorphism occurs in the hybrid offspring derived from interspecific crosses between triploid plantains (Musa spp. AAB group) and diploid bananas (M. acuminata). Therefore,Musa breeders are interested in the determination of ploidy and its effects on phenotypic expression of quantitative traits. The aim of this research was to examine the reliability of stomatal and other phenotypic traits to determine ploidy in segregating plantainbanana hybrid families. Stomatal density and size were… CONTINUE READING


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