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Effect of phospholipid on aldosterone biosynthesis by a cytochrome P-450(11) beta-reconstituted system.

  title={Effect of phospholipid on aldosterone biosynthesis by a cytochrome P-450(11) beta-reconstituted system.},
  author={T. Ohnishi and Akira Wada and Yasuki Nonaka and Mitsuhiro Okamoto and Toshio Yamano},
  journal={Biochemistry international},
  volume={9 6},
Effect of phospholipid on aldosterone synthesis catalyzed by a cytochrome P-450(11)beta-reconstituted system was examined. Corticosterone was incubated with P-450(11)beta in the presence of phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylethanolamine, cardiolipin, phosphatidylinositol, or phosphatidylserine. These phospholipids stimulated the rate of aldosterone- and 18-hydroxycorticosterone-synthesis, although the mode of stimulation by neutral phospholipids was different from that by acidic phospholipids… 

Molecular Nature of Aldosterone Synthase, a Member of Cytochrome P-45011β Family

The molecular nature of the aldosterone synthesizing enzymes of cattle and rat is discussed and it is shown that the intactness of the mitochondrial membrane surrounding P-450(11 beta) in the zonae fasciculata-reticularis is essential to keep the aldehyde synthesizing activity of the cytochrome in these zones latent.

Modulation of aldosterone biosynthesis by adrenodoxin mutants with different electron transport efficiencies.

It could be clearly demonstrated that Adx mutants Adx4-114 and Adx 4-108, possessing enhanced electron transfer abilities, produce increases in corticosterone and aldosterone biosynthesis.

Inhibition of aldosterone biosynthesis by 18-ethynyl-deoxycorticosterone.

18-E-DOC is a specific inhibitor of the late pathway of aldosterone biosynthesis and could be valuable as a therapeutic agent in those conditions associated with increased ald testosterone production where a specific inhibitors would be useful.

Modulation of aldosterone and cortisol synthesis on the molecular level

The CYP11B subfamily

Two Forms of Cytochrome P-45011β in Rat Zona Glomerulosa Cells: A Short Review

Prolonged treatment of rats with a high dose of ACTH has a repressive effect on aldosterone biosynthesis, and according to indirect evidence, ACTH induces only the 51K form of the enzyme in vitro.