Effect of phosphate fertiliser type on the accumulation and plant availability of cadmium in grassland soils

  title={Effect of phosphate fertiliser type on the accumulation and plant availability of cadmium in grassland soils},
  author={Ponnusamy Loganathan and Mike J. Hedley and P. E. H. Gregg and Lynsey D. Currie},
  journal={Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems},
Cadmium (Cd), a potentially toxic heavy metal for humans and animals, accumulates in the liver and kidneys of older animals grazing New Zealand and Australian pastoral soils. Phosphorus (P) fertiliser is the major input of Cd into these farming systems. A study was conducted to evaluate the effects, over 10 years, of annual application (30 kg P ha−1 yr−1) of four forms of P fertilisers having different solubilities and Cd contents [41, 32, 10 and 5 μg Cd g−1 for North Carolina phosphate rock… CONTINUE READING
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