Effect of pH on nickel biosorption by aerobic granular sludge.

  title={Effect of pH on nickel biosorption by aerobic granular sludge.},
  author={Hui Lan Xu and Yang Liu and J -H Tay},
  journal={Bioresource technology},
  volume={97 3},
The Ni2+ biosorption by aerobic granular sludge was studied at various initial pH values of 2-7. Results showed that the initial pH would play an important role in the Ni2+ removal by aerobic granules and affected the zeta potential of aerobic granules. A thermodynamic equilibrium isotherm previously developed can fit the experimental data very well at all studied pH values. The close relationship between the zeta potential and Ni2+ biosorption capacity of aerobic granules showed the… CONTINUE READING

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