Effect of p53 status on tumor response to antiangiogenic therapy.

  title={Effect of p53 status on tumor response to antiangiogenic therapy.},
  author={Joanne L. Yu and Janusz Rak and Brenda L Coomber and Daniel J. Hicklin and Robert S. Kerbel},
  volume={295 5559},
The p53 tumor suppressor gene is inactivated in the majority of human cancers. Tumor cells deficient in p53 display a diminished rate of apoptosis under hypoxic conditions, a circumstance that might reduce their reliance on vascular supply, and hence their responsiveness to antiangiogenic therapy. Here, we report that mice bearing tumors derived from p53(-/-) HCT116 human colorectal cancer cells were less responsive to antiangiogenic combination therapy than mice bearing isogenic p53… CONTINUE READING


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