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Effect of oxytropis kansuensis on hematology of rabbits

  title={Effect of oxytropis kansuensis on hematology of rabbits},
  author={Zhao Bao-yu},
Eighteen healthy adult rabbits were randomly divided into three groups,and every group were fed with O.kansuensis at 1g/(kg/d)and 5g/(kg/d)and 10g/(kg/d),respectively,and the weighing and hematology indicators were tested before the experiment and 14 days interval after experiment.The results showed that an pregnant females of group Ⅲ was abortioned on 18th day,and rabbits of group Ⅱand group Ⅲ displayed O.kansuensis poisoning symptoms on 35th day,and rabbits of groupⅠdid not manifest abnormal…