Effect of organics on selenite uptake by cementitious materials.

  title={Effect of organics on selenite uptake by cementitious materials.},
  author={Ingmar Pointeau and D Hainos and Nathalie Coreau and Pascal E. Reiller},
  journal={Waste management},
  volume={26 7},
The behaviour of three organic ligands in suspensions of fresh and degraded hydrated ordinary Portland cement pastes (HCP) has been investigated. EDTA arises as a decontamination product whilst ISA (isosaccharinic acid) is a main degradation product of cellulose. GLU (gluconic acid) is used as a retarding organic admixture in concrete. The affinity of EDTA, ISA and GLU with HCP increases with the degradation state. At long contact times, ISA and GLU desorbed from HCP, perhaps as a result of… CONTINUE READING