Effect of nitrofuran preparations on spermatogenesis


The effect of n i t rofurantoin and furagin on spe rma togenes i s was studied in exper iments on ma le albino r a t s . The p r epa ra t i ons studied were found to have a speci f ic gonadotoxic action. The p r o c e s s e s main ly af fec ted were spe rmiogenes i s and the late s tages of the cycle of the spe rma togen ic epi thel ium. These d is turbances were accompanied by a dec r ea se in the nucleic acid content in the ce l l s , espec ia l ly in the s e r i e s of s p e r m a t o c y t e s and spe rma t id s . The re was a pa ra l l e l d e c r e a s e in the concentra t ion of spe rma tozoa and in the durat ion of the i r mot i l i ty . Recovery f rom these d is turbances took place only a f t e r a complete per iod of spe rma togenes i s although the number of tubules with desquamated spe rmatogen ic ep i thelium continued to be inc reased .

DOI: 10.1007/BF00797415

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