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Effect of new jet substructure measurements on Pythia8 tunes

  title={Effect of new jet substructure measurements on Pythia8 tunes},
  author={Deepak Kar and Pratixan Sarmah},
This study used the recent ATLAS jet substructure measurements to see if any improvements can be made to the commonly used Pythia8 Monash and A14 tunes. 


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Jet substructure at the Tevatron and LHC: new results, new tools, new benchmarksReport prepared by the participants of the BOOST 2011 Workshop at Princeton University, 22–26 May 2011. L Asquith (lasquith@hep.anl.gov), S Rappoccio (rappocc@fnal.gov) and C K Vermilion (verm@uw.edu), editors.
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