Effect of nedocromil sodium on neurogenic mechanisms in vitro.

  title={Effect of nedocromil sodium on neurogenic mechanisms in vitro.},
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We have developed a guinea pig model that allows monitoring of single afferent nerve fiber activity after stimulation of tracheal nerve endings with various stimuli. Action potentials from nodose or jugular neurons are recorded extracellularly. Previous experiments have shown that the excitability of the nerve endings to, for example, mechanical stimuli can be increased by antigen challenge of presensitized guinea pigs. Nedocromil sodium 10(-4) mol/L significantly reduced by more than 50% the… Expand
Sensory neurophysiology of the cough reflex.
  • J. Widdicombe
  • Medicine
  • The Journal of allergy and clinical immunology
  • 1996
Nedocromil sodium inhibits histamine‐induced itch and flare in human skin
Investigation into the mechanisms by which nedocromil sodium, frusemide and bumetanide inhibit the histamine‐induced itch and flare response in human skin in vivo


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