Effect of natural early menopause on bone mineral density.


OBJECTIVES Early menopause (EM) is included among the risk factors for osteoporosis. Several studies have shown that women with early menopause have lower bone mineral density (BMD) than those with normal expected age of menopause. The aim of our cross-sectional study was to investigate the effects of time of menopause on vertebral bone mass in healthy… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/j.maturitas.2008.03.008


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@article{Francucci2008EffectON, title={Effect of natural early menopause on bone mineral density.}, author={Cristiano Maria Francucci and Paola Romagni and Andrea Camilletti and Paola Fiscaletti and Loredana Amoroso and Giovanni Cenci and C Morbidelli and Marco Boscaro}, journal={Maturitas}, year={2008}, volume={59 4}, pages={323-8} }