Effect of moisture content on emanation at different grain size fractions - a pilot study on granitic esker sand sample.

  title={Effect of moisture content on emanation at different grain size fractions - a pilot study on granitic esker sand sample.},
  author={D{\'a}niel Breitner and Hannu Arvela and K-H Hellmuth and T. Renvall},
  journal={Journal of environmental radioactivity},
  volume={101 11},
It is known that in soils and sediments moisture adsorbed on particle surfaces and in the pore system significantly affects the behaviour of recoiling radon ((222)Rn) atoms after decay of parent (226)Ra, leading to increased (222)Rn emanation. As a first step in an effort to characterize the (222)Rn source term in mineralised sediments in the present study, complementing previous studies in the area, granitic esker sand samples were collected in order to test how moisture content affects (222… CONTINUE READING

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