Effect of mixing on biomethanation of cattle-manure slurry.

  title={Effect of mixing on biomethanation of cattle-manure slurry.},
  author={Han Kiat Alan Ong and Paul F. Greenfield and Pratap C. Pullammanappallil},
  journal={Environmental technology},
  volume={23 10},
The benefits and extent of mixing required during biomethanation of cattle-manure slurry was studied by investigating the effect of: 1) continuous and intermittent mixing, 2) agitator impeller speed and position; 3) not providing assisted mixing; 4) mixing on production of extracellular polymeric substances; and 5) mixing on the ultimate anaerobic biodegradability. Biomethanation was not adversely affected: during intermittent mixing; or when only sufficient mixing was provided to maintain off… CONTINUE READING