Effect of mineral and manure phosphorus sources on runoff phosphorus.

  title={Effect of mineral and manure phosphorus sources on runoff phosphorus.},
  author={Peter J. A. Kleinman and Andrew N. Sharpley and Barton G. Moyer and Gerald F. Elwinger},
  journal={Journal of environmental quality},
  volume={31 6},
Concern over nonpoint-source phosphorus (P) losses from agricultural lands to surface waters has resulted in scrutiny of factors affecting P loss potential. A rainfall simulation study was conducted to quantify the effects of alternative P sources (dairy manure, poultry manure, swine slurry, and diammonium phosphate), application methods, and initial soil P concentrations on runoff P losses from three acidic soils (Buchanan-Hartleton, Hagerstown, and Lewbeach). Low P (12 to 26 mg kg(-1) Mehlich… CONTINUE READING
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