Effect of microplastics exposure on the photosynthesis system of freshwater algae.

  title={Effect of microplastics exposure on the photosynthesis system of freshwater algae.},
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Effects of Polystyrene Microplastics on Growth and Toxin Production of Alexandrium pacificum
This is the first report on the effects ofMP on the PST-producing microalgae, which will improve the understanding of the adverse impact of MP on the growth and toxin production of A. pacificum.
Effects of Microplastics Exposure on the Acropora sp. Antioxidant, Immunization and Energy Metabolism Enzyme Activities
In the present study, the physiological responses of the coral Acropora sp.
Microplastics and freshwater microalgae: what do we know so far?
The constant entry of microplastics in several environmental matrices has been of great concern to the scientific community and to society in general, mainly due to the mysteries that surround the


Microplastic ingestion by Daphnia magna and its enhancement on algal growth.
Influence of Algae Age and Population on the Response to TiO2 Nanoparticles
The results indicate that the physiological state of the algae is important for the toxicological effect of TiO2 NPs, and the condition of algae and exposure regime must be considered in detail when assessing the Toxicological response of NPs to algae.
The environmental effects of microplastics on aquatic ecosystems
Purpose of reviewContamination of aquatic ecosystems by plastics under 5 mm in size, which are classified as microplastics (MPs), is becoming increasingly serious, and research on the ecotoxicity of