Effect of micronutrient supplementation on IVF outcomes: a systematic review of the literature.


There is accumulating evidence on the importance of micronutrients in improving fertility in couples undergoing IVF therapy. Despite this, studies reporting the relevant clinical outcomes of IVF, such as pregnancy and live birth rates, are very scarce. This review aimed to systematically summarize clinical evidence on the effect of micronutrients on primary outcome parameters of IVF treatment. The literature was searched up to February 2017 through Embase and PubMed databases for relevant studies. The quality of eligible studies was assessed with the Downs and Black checklist. A total of five studies qualified for inclusion. These studies reported outcomes on 467 participants administered micronutrient supplements alone or combined with other nutrients as part of IVF therapy. There was significant heterogeneity among the interventions and study designs. However, all the studies reported a positive impact of micronutrient supplementation on clinical outcomes of IVF therapy in terms of pregnancy rate and/or live birth rate. Within the limits of this review, micronutrients appear to influence positive outcomes in couples undergoing fertility treatment. Larger clinical studies are needed to strengthen these findings so that the benefit of micronutrients can be extended to subjects undergoing IVF therapy.

DOI: 10.1016/j.rbmo.2017.08.018

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