Effect of manganese peroxidase on the decomposition of cellulosic components: direct cellulolytic activity and synergistic effect with cellulase.

  title={Effect of manganese peroxidase on the decomposition of cellulosic components: direct cellulolytic activity and synergistic effect with cellulase.},
  author={Kyoungseon Min and Yong Hwan Kim and Jiye Kim and Yunje Kim and Gyeongtaek Gong and Youngsoon Um},
  journal={Bioresource technology},
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Lignin Biodegradation and Its Valorization

Lignin-degrading bacteria or enzymes can be used in combination with chemical pretreatment for the production of value-added chemicals from lignin, providing a promising strategy for lignIn valorization.



An Oxidative Enzyme Boosting the Enzymatic Conversion of Recalcitrant Polysaccharides

An enzyme is described that acts on the surface of crystalline chitin, where it introduces chain breaks and generates oxidized chain ends, thus promoting further degradation by chit inases, demonstrating the existence of a hitherto unknown enzyme activity.

The enhancement of enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulosic substrates by the addition of accessory enzymes such as xylanase: is it an additive or synergistic effect?

It was apparent that the 'blocking effect' of xylan was one of the major mechanisms that limited the accessibility of the cellulase enzymes to the cellulose, and the synergistic interaction of the xylanase and cellulases was also shown to significantly improve cellulose accessibility through increasing fiber swelling and fiber porosity and also plays a major role in enhancing enzyme accessibility.

Stability testing of ligninase and Mn‐peroxidase from Phanerochaete chrysosporium

In vitro stability of lignin degrading enzymes will be an important factor in determining both the economic and technical feasibility of application for industrial uses, and also will be critical in optimizing commercial production of the enzymes.

An actinobacteria lytic polysaccharide monooxygenase acts on both cellulose and xylan to boost biomass saccharification

This work expands the spectrum of substrates recognized by AA10 family, opening a new perspective for the understanding of the synergistic effect of these enzymes with canonical glycoside hydrolases to deconstruct ligno(hemi)cellulosic biomass.

The impact of hydrogen peroxide supply on LPMO activity and overall saccharification efficiency of a commercial cellulase cocktail

The present report shows that the use of small amounts of a liquid bulk chemical, H2O2, provides an alternative to the currently available processes, which likely is cheaper and more easy to control, while giving higher product yields.