Effect of long-term alcohol abuse on male sexual function and serum gonadal hormone levels


The relationship between chronic alcohol abuse and male sexual dysfunction and pituitary gonadal function abnormalities remains uncertain. The purpose of this study was to assess the effect of chronic alcoholism on sexual functions and serum hormone levels. Forty-five chronically alcoholic men and a control group of thirty healthy non-alcoholic, volunteers were enrolled in the study. Each of the men in the study and control group were interviewed according to a sexual dysfunction questionnaire by an urologist. Blood samples were collected for evaluation of hormone levels. Sera were stored at-70°C for analysis. The sexual desire and erection scores of alcoholic men were not statistically different from those of the control group. Fourteen out of the 45 alcoholic men complained of loss of erection during sexual activity. No significant difference in hormone levels between groups was found except for FSH. In the absence of hepatic and gonadal failure in chronically alcoholic men, there is no significant difference in serum hormonal levels, sexual dysfunction form, and sexual functions between alcoholics and normal healthy nonalcoholic men.

DOI: 10.1007/BF02564864

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