Effect of lithium on circadian neurotransmitter receptor rhythms.

  title={Effect of lithium on circadian neurotransmitter receptor rhythms.},
  author={Marian S. Kafka and Anna M Wirz-Justice and Dieter Naber and Paul J. Marangos and Thomas L. O'Donohue and Thomas A. Wehr},
  volume={8 1},
Chronic lithium administration significantly changes characteristics of the circadian rhythms in rat brain alpha- and beta-adrenergic, muscarinic acetylcholine, dopamine, opiate, and benzodiazepine receptors. There are changes in the timing of the peak number of receptors (phase-position), in the amplitude of the rhythms, and in the 24-hour mean number of receptors. The circadian rhythm in the number of forebrain alpha- and beta-adrenergic and benzodiazepine receptors is abolished. The phase… CONTINUE READING